August 25, 2011

Wabash Park Campground

Our recent family reunion was held at the Wabash Park Campground & Retreat Center in Clay City, Indiana. We were all housed in a lovely new lodge but Patrick took time to wander the grounds and the kitchen. I thought he captured the campgrounds character beautifully with these images! For the record....I'm going to claim all credit for his addiction to Instagram and I'm beginning to think he may be a *bit* more addicted than me. Want more of this grungy goodness? Take a look at his entire portfolio when you get a chance.


  1. This post RULES, Suzanna! I have been obsessing over trailers, airstreams, modern prefabs and everything related recently. Want to plop one (or two) on my father-in-law's land in rural NJ and move on in. :)

  2. very cool
    uuuh is that an Eames Chair just tossed in the middle of no where????
    I would have hauled that baby home.

  3. Hey Sarah--sounds like an incredible plan to me! Wonder if any airstreams are listed on Etsy vintage?! Glad you enjoyed the post.

    Amy--that's one of the 1st things that stood out to me in the pics as I was looking at them on Patrick's phone on the drive home! I 'bout died and was saying "the chair! the chair!". Sadly, we were several hours down the road. I would have happily traded them a brand new seat of their choice for that one. lol!

  4. LOL, I can see it all going down now.
    Turn around turn around!
    I did that once down in Memphis.
    I would drive thru some of the poor neighborhoods and all of them had sittin' chairs on the porches.
    Came aross a set of Bertoia butterfly chairs with leather covers
    offered the family 25 dollars.
    They about died. The grandma kept sayin', Those my sittin' chairs...
    They became my sittin chairs in my living room for years.