November 24, 2011

Happy Turkey Day!

Happy Turkey Day to all you celebrating Thanksgiving in the United States and a Happy 24th of November to those of you 'round the world! I'm hoping this fine bird makes its way through the day with his gobbler intact. He was such a friendly fellow and even posed for this portrait the day we visited his farm.

Our holiday repast will exclude any meat dishes this year as Patrick and I gave up meat for a week long challenge back in the Spring and have not eaten any since (yeah, I can't believe it either). This year it's turning into somewhat of a carb-fest (ie, double servings of hash brown casserole please!) as neither of us are taken with the idea of consuming faux meat.

But...our yearly tradition of crafting a fruit turkey will carry on. It was always a fun memory for me growing up and we've been making them with Lizzie every year--this one is from two years ago and boy has she grown (Lizzie not the turkey!).

And what am I thankful for this year? Well, I'm still trying to top last years list of family thanks: treasure boxes, coffee, Apple Inc, and paper chains. Life is good!


  1. Crafting a fruit turkey?? I LOVE IT!!! Can I steal that idea for next turkey day?

  2. Yes, of course Teri!! Fun and oh so healthy...'cept the marshmallows of course ;)