November 23, 2011

You & Omega

Popping in to give a shout out to my awesome Team Omega over on Etsy! If you're looking to support independent artists this season, these folks have a lot of talent and some crazy cool gift ideas. Take a peek at my treasury YOU & Omega or browse our list of Omega members.


  1. Going over there now right now!. I'm a big Etsy Christmas shopper! It's the only way to support craftspeople and artists, get something different, get it posted to anywhere in the world, get it prettily wrapped...I could go on.,,

    Buy Etsy, people, Esty is run by Stanta's elves!'

    (Oh lol! On a side note. the word verification for this post is 'Sucker'. I'm taking a screen shot. You'd think they'd check the kinds of words they can use. LOL! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!)

  2. You got it Rhissanna! Etsy is run by Santa's elves ;)

    That is too funny...word verification "Sucker"!! Oh my! One for the record books indeed. lol!

    Have a great Thanksgiving too.