January 6, 2012

Crewelwork Sampler

My favorite-est birthday gift, presented by Patrick, was this unfinished sampler of different crewelwork stitches. Does he know me well or what?! Eventually we'll have it framed up, needle and all--the growing pile of "art to be framed one day" is another story. For now, I've rearranged the inspiration boards in my studio and have hung it front and center. It's a mesmerizing muse and color palette of stitchery for the new year.


  1. this is very cool!
    What a great find.
    I just read an article last night on Andy Spade, how he collects vintage clothing tags and turns them around to show the crazy stitching loops
    and frames them in collections.

  2. Yes!! I'm going to look up Andy Spades collection...sounds interesting.