January 3, 2012

Resolution: Time

With the onset of the new year comes the chatter of resolutions being made and much advice on how to keep them. I go back and forth each year on whether to set to paper (or blog) a resolution or goal for the year. In truth, I'm making resolutions all the time, setting little goals for myself and marking off the milestones I make in life and business. As I've mentioned before I'm a dutiful list maker to an obsessive degree.

So this year, in lieu of a list of resolutions, I've decided to take to heart a word/theme/sound I've been mulling over lately and that is TIME. You know....tick-tock.....tick-tock.....tick-tock....in all its forms! As I come up for air after such a busy season in my shops I want to rein it in, slow it down and embrace it. I want to name those things that fritter it away and spend it wisely. Kind of like the day back when Lizzie was only two and we decided to throw away our television permanently! I want that feeling of freedom again--the gift of time--time to live, time to love, time to read, time to create, time to savor all those little things that sprinkle our days.

In order to be more mindful of my time and how I spend it I'm starting by identifying those little "time thieves" in my day and deciding on which ones can stay and which must go and what I should cut back on. No...I'm not planning to do anything rash like throw out my iPhone, but I will cut back on how many minutes of attention it receives!

One big decision that I've wavered on is whether or not I need/should post here on my blog every week-day as I've tried my best to do for the last couple of years. Even though it may only take a few minutes of each day to create a post, there is much brain-time spent mulling over what to post and time spent keeping up with the extra photographing that is involved. Looking back to my pre-blog days I can see I had a bit more studio time and that is what I crave. So...my first little experiment with TIME in 2012 is to scale back here in this virtual space. I'm thinkin' 2-3 posts a week as opposed to 5 or 6. I know all of you artist/maker readers will understand and I thank you for reading what I think is my longest rant (errrr.....post) ever and feel free to call me out if you see me frittering my time away here or Twitter or Instagram or even (oh the tragedy!) on Etsy.

All mixed media collage images by Suzanna Scott, 2007 & 2009


  1. If posting less would mean more sushipot goodness on etsy or anywhere else, it would be worth it! Page from velvetonthepage.blogspot.com

  2. Thank you so much Page! Yes, I'm thinking it will mean more work which may in turn mean more posts. hehe...we shall see.... xo, Suzanna

  3. You are brave! We only got rid of cable when the kids came along instead of throwing out the TV completely! But yes, there are so many time wasters these days. It's easy for time to completely get away!

  4. Happy New Year Beth :)
    Yes, it did feel rash throwing away the TV but it was so liberating!