March 15, 2010

Parts and Pieces

My obsession with collecting vintage trinkets has taken on a new form over at Sushipotparts. This weekend I put together the first three in a series of found object collections that I am calling "Parts and Pieces". Above is Part and Pieces no 1 (blue).

Slightly spring inspired, Parts and Pieces no 2 (yellow).

Red, red and a tad more red, Parts and Pieces no 3 (red).

Happy Monday! Spring equinox here we come...


  1. I just found these while hopping about your blog. Lovely! Do you know Peter Blake's similar collections?

  2. Jane, thank you for sending me this link to Peter Blake's work. I had never heard of him but I LOVE his work of course. Am thinking about blogging it tomorrow possibly!

  3. Your color collections are great....but I am surprised you are willing to sell them as parts rather than in proper shadowboxes etc for sale?

    Aren't you a bit afraid people will "steal" your ideas?

  4. The fun part for me is putting the collections together! I love to see how customers use these arrangements. If they were mounted in a shadowbox I'd take the fun out of it for the buyer :) This way they can add or rearrange 'till it's perfect for them.