April 15, 2011

A Lovely Week

A bunch of snapshots from my Instagram feed this week and boy has it been a lovely week here in Kansas ('cept for that thunderstorm last night). Here's hoping for a beautiful weekend too!


  1. Your pictures take me to a much simpler time...
    I still need to sit down and do this app, it is wonderful!

  2. Thanks Amy! The best part is the Instagram app is free. You just have to sign up for an account. There are many other filters you can add to your photos i just love the one called 'earlybird' and tend to use it the most.

  3. Your pictures are so sweet! Instagram is my new favorite app too! I cant stop taking pictures of flowers with it! Cheers ~ Lara

  4. Yay for you and Instagram. Been enjoying your pics there. Because of you it's my new favorite app as well. You are my only follower so far. :) (smallandsimplethings)

    My phone's having unspeakable issues right now though, so looks like I won't be adding any more pics for awhile. I am SOOO bummed. :(

    ps- fyi, I used to have merryhappyjoyjoy.blogspot.com, but it's sleeping for awhile.

  5. Lara--Yep! Those flower pics are hard to resist taking :) lol!

    Lisa--So sorry you're having phone issues :( I'm thrilled to know you like Instagram too and now I know who you are on there! Hope you can get the phone thingy resolved soon.