April 19, 2011

Pure Kaleidoscope

Speaking of recently acquired crewelwork I must show you this incredible piece. In a spontaneous ebay bid I won this pure kaleidoscope of needlework. I was drawn to its color (who couldn't be?), its Springtimey-abstract-landscapish feel and most definitely my favorite part of many things....its backside. It didn't hurt that the project was started in the Spring of 1974 (my birth year) and I love the fact that it was completed over 4 years later and didn't become one of those unfinished projects that plague many makers of things. I would love to tell Christen Baldwin--wherever she is now--that the piece of needlework she painstakingly invested hours of stitching is being wholly admired and enjoyed by me and mine.


  1. Fantastic! And the back is as good as the front.

  2. Gorgeous! Glad someone is enjoying it and it didn't get thrown out!

  3. That needlework is unbelievable! What a wonderful find :-)

  4. Glad to know y'all enjoy it too :)

  5. oh this is a fantastic and lucky find!!! its is stunning!!

  6. wow, I just saw this on Pinterest. Normally, I don't pin or repin anything without permission from the owner/copyright holder... also, I normally don't pin from sites that don't have Pinterest buttons, but I don't want to lose this beautiful image, so I've pinned it onto my Creativity and Colors board. If that's a problem, just go to Boomerinas.com and leave a comment on the bottom of any article telling me to take it down from my Pinterest board. beautiful image.

    1. Hi Christina! Glad you found this needlework image :) Yes, you have permission to post any of my photos on Pinterest. Happy pinning!!


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