May 23, 2012

Vintage Office Supplies

Vintage Office Supply Collection at Sushipot Vintage

One thing Patrick and I have always enjoyed is browsing through office supply stores together. We love looking at the latest gadgets 'n Post It note designs and never leave without something.

I think Lizzie is following us down that path 'cuz the other day we stopped in at our local Hobby Lobby and she asked if we could plu-EEeaze stop into Staples which is right next door. She wanted to see if there were any new Sharpie colors available (her drawing tool of choice at the moment).

When it comes to Vintage (with a capital V!) office supplies we have become slightly obsessive. For instance...Patrick cannot turn down a working, vintage mechanical pencil. He has a collection of over 200!

Anyhow...all this to say I've put together a fun collection of retro office 'n art supply goodies for the shop--I even got Patrick to donate a couple of his pencils! Many of these items, including the retro green file box, were thrifted from my all time favorite thrift shop, The Bargain Barrel. If you ever stop in tell Kelsey I sent you!

And...I leave you with an out-take from my vintage-office-supplies-organized-neatly photo shoot.

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