July 27, 2012

School Desk Graffiti

We spent some time wandering around the KSU campus while my parents were visiting last week and peeked into the classroom where Patrick is teaching this summer. The room is filled with old school wooden desks like the one I brought home a couple years ago.

Since I had my trusty iPhone with me I snapped some pictures of the desktops to share with you. It is pretty fun to peruse the graffiti etched onto the surfaces by generations of (bored?) students.

Don't look too closely or you'll read a student's confession: I hate this class. Hope it's not one of Patrick's students. Hah!

Some have profound words: Every dog has its day.

Eyeballs 'n roses.

There were several Pac-Man doodles 'round the classroom but this one was my fav 'cuz it also proclaims 'Love Stinks!'.

I promise I didn't document every desktop in the room. Just a couple more...

Did you know that doodling helps you pay attention?

I wonder if JB drew that smiley face too?

I saved the best for last. The 'lil umbrella with all the raindrops takes the cake. Or maybe that small cry for 'help' in the top left hand corner?


  1. This is awesome, took me right back to school years!!!

    I hope they never throw out those desks, it would be sad to destroy that art work of kids and how they think while bored.

    art involving school is my fav.
    I just adore Anthony Freda's works on vintage school desk tops

  2. Haha! This reminds me of my notebooks in high school, all I would do is sit there and doodle away. I love that the desks are the creative outlets for these kids. A teacher from Junction City recently told me that his third grade students only have art class ONCE A MONTH!! It is a shame that they are cutting art programs in schools.

  3. Glad you ladies enjoyed this flashback to your school years :)

    Amy--yes, I told Patrick if they ever are getting rid of those desks he's gotta snag them ALL! I'm gonna go look up Anthony Freda now....

    Kelsey--Once a month art class?!? That is such a shame. Hope those kids are doodling in their other classes to keep the creative juices flowing.

  4. i actually put in a search for exactly this, as i was just musing on this very subject...i remember my first school and junior school...old victorian,solid english oak desks..(they made em' to last then...clever in terms of budget)..but some of that graffiti went way back to the late 1800's..naturally i added my own contribution.. peace! (from old english fella 65...also artist and musician) and generally existential x

    1. Hi Johnny...Good to hear you found images these via a search! Love the story you shared of your old school desks. Thank you & stop by again sometime :)

  5. I just came across your post and I love the shots of the old desks. Awesome.

  6. Hi Suzanna, These images are great! I am an app developer and would love to use them in my app. Please let me know if these are copyrighted. Thanks!

    1. Thank you for your interest in my school desk images! Feel free to use them in your app. All I ask is for a photo credit to be noted somewhere and website mention. Something like:

      Image by Suzanna Scott, http://sushipot.com

      Thanks and l'd love to view the app when its up so let me know :)

      all best,

  7. Hi Suzanna! Love these desks! I too would like to use one of the pics for a project. I saw your response to ShaggY and I will make sure to credit you and the website (which is great by the way!) Just wanted to reach out, wouldn't wanna take without letting you know ;) - Have a good week! - Aaron :)

    1. Hi Aaron, Thanks for asking! Glad you like the pics :) Feel free to use in your project. Have a good week too :) --Suzanna