October 1, 2012

Vintage Halloween Goodies

Yay....it's October! Only thirty more nights before the BIG night of spooks 'n all the sweets you can eat. The littlest person in this house is still weighing the most important decision of all--what to be?! She's narrowed it down to a clown, Little Red Riding Hood or a ghost. Feel free to cast a vote and I'll pass it along 'tho I can't promise all ballots will be weighed equally 'cuz at the end of the day she may re-write the ballot. hahaha.


  1. Happy October!!
    O I love the simplicity and vintageness of a good ghost for halloween but little red riding hood is so super adorable tough decision indeed!

    I love those stamps!
    They remind me of the good ol stamps teachers used to tell us we did good on our school work.
    Do schools still do that?
    Oh memories ;)

    1. Hey Amy! Yes, in terms of simplicity I'm leaning towards the ghost costume ;) But...for cute pics--the red riding hood would be A++.

      I lucked across a huge lot of those vintage school stamps. I remember them in grade school too.

      Happy October to you and yours!

  2. Oh Halloween, how I love you...I can see Lizzie dressing as a pink and white clown with a big ol' smile and painted pink cheeks! I think my sister and her boyfriend are going as a Farmer and a Haystack... haha