December 3, 2012

Sushipot Vintage Gift Guide

With all the gift guides floating around the interwebs these days I thought I'd put together a little list from my own vintage shop to show off the variety of gift-y ideas for those eclectic 'n artsy coffee drinkin' folks in your life. You know....people like me (haha)...come to think of it maybe I want to keep this stuff!
  1. Perfectly shabby (ie. old 'n torn) paper lanterns
  2. Collection of slightly dinged up antique tin saucers
  3. Nicely worn embossed alphabet blocks
  4. Set of nesting cookie cutter stars from Germany
  5. Old print block for Montco coffee
  6. Festive bouquet of old-school, dippy ink pens
Happy Holidays from Sushipot Vintage :)


  1. this is great.
    My family is super hard to buy for because they only want real vintage in their homes.
    But yet they have every vintage item known to man, lol.
    You have a great selection of non-every day vintage!!

    1. Hehe! Thank you Amy. Many on our xmas list are the opposite of me so I can only fantasize about giving vintage. lol!

  2. Love them! This is where I go when I want to relax and enjoy myself after working on my art and all the stuff for the gallery (which is, you know, never finished).