January 10, 2013

Bricolage Collage

Now that the studio is back in working order from its yearly deep-clean I tested the creative waters with a round of Bricolage collage. Thought this was some fitting imagery for embarking on a new year, with the ships, sailor 'n bits of astronomical references. Aren't we still in a phase of contemplating the uncharted waters of 2013? Don't know about you but I sure am.

Sun Of A Sailor, Bricolage no 84, mixed media on panel

Grand Pectoral, Bricolage no 85, mixed media on panel

Slight Of Hand, Bricolage no 86, mixed media on panel

Path, Bricolage no 87, mixed media on panel


  1. Must be ther seaon cleaned up my area too! Love these. Hope you have a good and happy New Year. Joan

    1. Yes, it's that time of year Joan!! A Happy New Year to you to you and yours :) --Suzanna