January 2, 2013

Crying Onion Heads

My first quirky find of the year....anthropomorphic crying onions! Have you ever seen anything like this folksy pair? I sure hadn't so I snatched 'em up for the shop. Despite their thin skins (hahaha!) they'll be certain to liven up the kitchen of one lucky soul.


  1. I was just over to check out your Etsy shop. You really sell the most amazing stuff! Truly amazing... Although your clowns still scare me, haha!
    I just started my own shop and am anxiously awaiting my first client :-) I'll be adding some of my vintage finds to the shop in the near future.
    Best wishes for the new year! Ellen X

    1. Hi Ellen, I'm so happy to hear you've opened up your own Etsy shop!! I'm going to head over and check it out right now and "heart" it and add you to my "circle" on Etsy :) Happy New Year too.