August 6, 2013

Kitschy Kurtains

I'm a bit giddy over my new-to-me kitschy kitchen kurtains.

Found 'em on ebay last week and they arrived in good order with the tag still attached.

Believe me...I didn't get as good a deal as W.T. Grant offered back in the day 'cuz true kitsch is priceless folks!

I'm debating whether to embrace their kitschiness with a row of pom poms like these or these or even these
Another upside to having closed the vintage shop is there was no guilt over keeping my all-time favs like these crying onions.
Our rental house is by no means 'pinterest perfect' but as Patrick tells me I just gotta embrace its fifty shades of brown so that's what I'm doing ;)


  1. Love the kitsch! I decorated my mint green kitchen with my anthropomorphic fruits and jelly jars so I'm loving the onions :)

    1. Vintage anthropomorphic finds are the best! Thank you Kelsey :)

  2. I think I read "50 shades of brown" on Instagram yesterday and snorted. HA!