July 13, 2011

Little ABC Book

My heart melted when I found this endearing Little ABC Book! From its jewel-toned cover to each brilliant red letter of the alphabet, I knew this was a treasure. After a bit of sleuthing, I've discovered that it was published by the McLoughlin Brothers of New York in the early 1880's. What sweet child turned the pages of this linen primer while learning their letters? It's tattered edges tell the tale of true love in its past for sure!


  1. X = Axe?!!
    Great book, it looks gorgeous.

  2. Beautiful find. I have a collection of my great grandfather's childhood books that I don't dare to alter but perhaps some scanning can be done. I'm curious about your ideas on what must be preserved in entirety and what can be used for collage. I have my own guidelines that I adhere to about using old images and was wondering how you decide.
    Thanks, Kim

  3. Thank you all! Glad to know you enjoyed this find.

    Kim--yes, it's sometimes a fine line to know which books to snip up and what to keep whole. If I'm not sure or hesitant I always hold off. If it's a book in perfect condition for its age I don't cut it up. I look for mainly for books that are damaged in some way (tears, scribbles, etc)--those are the ones no one wants in their collections so they sell for less! As for sentimental books like yours it depends how you feel. Maybe save the very best ones and make some special pieces with a few? Just my thoughts.

  4. That's pretty much my guideline as well. It depends upon the "deal" I got too!
    xoxo Kim

  5. What a fantastic book! It's fun to see what object they pick to represent the letter, A for anvil for instance. Most kids today wouldn't know what that is. :)

    Beautiful colors. And the frayed edges... ahhhh.